Fark Labs is a global innovation and transformation hub that aims to build a better future for all. We help entrepreneurs, startups, corporations, and investors transform into more connected, innovative, and future-ready versions of themselves so they have a positive impact on the world. Fark Labs was born in Istanbul as an R&D Center of Farplas Automotive and has now grown to Seoul and Michigan.

We apply an investment portfolio approach to our innovation strategy, touching all stages of the startup lifecycle from incubator to investor in Turkey, which is strengthened by our strong global network of regional accelerators and VC partners in our key global geographies. We use this approach for our 4 focus verticals: mobility, life sciences, sustainable lifestyle, and emerging technologies, which we call our curiosity cabinet.

We back change-makers who transform industries and create new ones. Our sweet spot is investing early, and we continue to provide support and investment up to Series A. We envision a better future by championing entrepreneurship, innovation, and frontier technologies that transform legacy businesses and build future-proof startups.

We also drive innovation and transformation through collaborative intelligence. We build a unique ecosystem that connects difference-makers, leading corporations, venture capital firms, universities, and government agencies across our 4 verticals. One way we do this is through our TEKMER Technology Development Center, a designation given by the Turkish government, where we provide office space, business development support, and collaborative working environment. We also lead the European Institute of Technology (EIT) Urban Mobility RIS Hub in Turkiye to boost the local innovation ecosystem and improve urban mobility in Turkiye.

Fark Labs USA, located in Michigan, serves as a strategic gateway for startups and entrepreneurs seeking to enter and thrive in the American market. By leveraging our extensive experience, resources, and connections, we offer tailored support to ensure a smooth and successful transition into the US. As a part of our global innovation network, Fark Labs USA plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between startups and the immense opportunities available in the US market, ultimately fostering cross-border innovation and economic growth.

Our unified goal is to develop future-ready ventures and create a better future together.




are our greatest asset.


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is our energy source.


We are committed to building a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace environment where everyone can speak up, be heard, and feel welcome. We believe no company will reach its full potential without diversity, inclusivity, and equity.

Fark Labs is an equal opportunity employer, which embraces everyone without regard to gender, race, color, national origin, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, citizenship, marital status, or age.

Fark Labs, with its sister company Arya, actively supports the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles. Fark Labs founder Ahu Serter also founded Arya as Turkiye’s first female-focused investment platform to transform the world through women’s leadership.


Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what our partners think about us.

Çağrı Selçuklu

Fark Labs was the birthplace of DUCKT, where we as the co-founders first met. It has always been the place where we could find the right experts to answer all of our questions as we brought our idea to life. Their connections provided us with the extra spark to build up our client base and VC network. Most importantly, it was the one place we trusted to grow our startup until we spun off and jump started our journey to becoming a global venture.

Çağrı Selçuklu

CEO & Co-Founder - DUCKT

Çiğdem Düzgüneş

Thanks to the trainings provided by esteemed mentors from various disciplines, the Think BIGG program has provided significant benefits to us in reviving and structuring Medibooth's business plan, defining and developing our product, process, and roadmap.

Çiğdem Düzgüneş

CEO - Medibooth, Garage Atlas

Hilmi Pınar

Coşkunöz Holding intends to contribute to the Turkish entrepreneurship ecosystem as well as the Turkish economy through the projects it will support by combining its industry experience and innovation culture with Fark Labs' competence in technology entrepreneurship and transformation. With the training and mentorship given by this collaboration, our intrapreneurship activities will become more impactful.

Hilmi Pınar

Business Development Director - Coşkunöz Holding