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Among the 13 entrepreneurs who graduated from the Arya 2022 Investment Training Program, 5 finalists were chosen to pitch at the Arya Retreat 2022

May 24, 2022 2 Min. #Investment

Arya, a social enterprise founded with the vision of transforming the world through female leadership, has accelerated 85 startups to date through the Arya Investment Training Program, which has been held since 2016 by Fark Holding endorsements and expanded its reach in 2018 with contributions from Türkiye İş Bankası. During this process, Arya invested more than $4 million in 18 firms, with around $500 thousand of that funds going to entrepreneurs that participated in the program in previous years.

The 7th Arya Investment Training Program offered 7 live trainings, 6 recorded trainings, and 62 mentoring sessions to participants. Entrepreneurs that completed four weeks of online training, mentoring, coaching, and networking were also given the chance to pitch their businesses to Arya investors at the Pre-Retreat 2022 event.

Arya Investment Director Özlem Tümer Eke delivered the opening remarks. “In today’s ecosystem, teams with diverse founding teams are rising, and we, as Arya, are very delighted to contribute to this development,” stated Özlem Tümer Eke. “With the support of Türkiye İş Bankası, we were able to address the needs of entrepreneurs at various stages, first with the Entrepreneur Academy Program and now with the Arya Investment Training Program. The brilliant ideas on exhibit during our Arya Pre-Retreat 2022 event successfully showcased the fruits of our labor.”

“We congratulate all of the startups participating in the program,” Emre Ölçer, Türkiye İş Bankası Digital Banking Manager, said. “We have full confidence in them to create huge success stories, and we will always be there for them during their entrepreneurial journey.”

Karpat Deviren, the program’s moderator, then took the stage to present the program’s information.In the meantime; Optiyol Founding Partner Tuba Ylmaz Gözbaşı shared her experiences at Arya from an entrepreneurial perspective. Following this, Upschool Founding Partner Mina llköz, a graduate of the Arya Investment Preparation Program in 2021, shared her own experiences with the entrepreneurs of the 2022 program and addressed the support they can receive from Arya.

The program’s moderator, Karpat Deviren, then took the stage to provide the program’s content. In the meantime, Optiyol Co-Founder Tuba Yılmaz Gözbaşı, highlighted her entrepreneurship experiences at Arya. Following that, Upschool Co-Founder Mina İlköz, a 2021 Arya Investment Training Program alumnus, shared her personal experiences with the 2022 program entrepreneurs and addressed the resources accessible to them.

Following the entrepreneurs’ brief presentations and Q&A, the jury members voted among themselves to select the five finalists. These five finalists will present to a larger audience of industry leaders and angel investors at the Arya Retreat 2022.

Arya Retreat 2022, sponsored by Türkiye İş Bankası and Fark Holding, will be held on June 3-5, 2022. After careful consideration, the five finalists are; Arventek, Be Right Back, Gozen Institute, Jeli Ai and Traick.

These startups will get the opportunity to network with industry leaders and investors. At the end of the Arya Retreat 2022, the winning startup will receive 50.000 TL, second place will receive 20.000 TL, and third place will receive 10.000 TL.

5 startups are invited to pitch their businesses at the Arya Retreat 2022 event.

Startups that qualify for the Arya Retreat 2022 event will revise their business plans and strengthen their relationships with investors over the two-week final program.

Final 5 Startups 


It is a technology initiative in the construction industry that uses unmanned aerial vehicles and artificial intelligence to transform human-powered business processes into advanced technology.


It is a cloud gaming sharing platform where powerful computer owners can rent out their devices to players over the internet when they are not in use, and players can play AAA games from their own devices over the internet.


Gozen Institute creates and develops new generation biomaterials for the fashion, textile, and automotive industries, working at the intersection of biotechnology, fashion, design, and art.


Jeli AI automates interactions across all channels, decreases expenses, and develops products that boost customer conversion rates with the help of artificial intelligence and natural language processing based on next generation voice and speech.


TRAICK develops an artificial intelligence-based web application developed for the diagnosis of thyroid nodules, enabling early diagnosis.

Congratulations to the finalists! See you at Arya Retreat 2022 on June 3-5 🤩 To attend Arya Retreat 2022 and for more information, please visit