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Oct 12, 2023 1 Min #Investment

AMPHERR AG, a frontrunner in battery pack design and manufacturing, announces the closure of its EURO 3 million Series A funding round. Leading the investment is  prominent technology investor Ahu Buyukkusoglu Serter , founder of Fark Labs contributing EURO 2 million, complemented by a EURO 1 million pledge from Atilla Tacir from Tacirler Asset Management. This financial boost reinforces AMPHERR’s strategic plans for US market expansion and bolstering its footprint in Europe.

Early in its journey, AMPHERR received its initial investment from Ahmet Torun of Torun Metal, a significant player in the Turkish industry. Ahmet Torun,  has been a steadfast supporter of AMPHERR’s vision, recognizing the potential of the company’s contributions to the future of electromobility.

Selman Tosunoglu, CEO & Co-Founder of AMPHERR AG, expressed his enthusiasm: “Our alignment with visionaries such as Ahu Büyükkusoglu Serter and Atilla Tacir paves the way for a transformative phase for AMPHERR. Fark Labs’ contribution signals not just financial support, but a sustainable, strategic partnership that will empower us through future investment rounds and drive our growth vision.”

Ahu Büyükkusoglu Serter commented, “The future of transportation lies in sustainable, innovative solutions. AMPHERR AG’s dedication and achievements in the realm of electromobility resonates with Fark Labs’ core strategy in investing technologies that make the future a better place. We’re eager to embark on this journey together and help AMPHERR grow exponentially.

Atilla Tacir, Chairman of Tacirler Asset Management, shared his perspective, stating, “Collaborating with AMPHERR AG represents an exciting intersection of vision, innovation, and ambition. Their commitment to redefine the future of transportation is commendable, and I’m optimistic about the milestones we’ll accomplish.”

AMPHERR AG is carving a niche in electromobility, spearheading the development of innovative energy storage solutions. The company’s diverse product lineup, ranging from 20kWh to 120kWh, caters to multiple sectors, ensuring tailor-made solutions for OEMs. By integrating pioneering features, such as liquid thermal management with CAN 2.0A based BMS supervision, and employing a diverse range of cell chemistries, AMPHERR firmly establishes itself as a paragon in the electromobility domain.

This fresh capital is pivotal for AMPHERR, focusing on reducing transportation’s environmental footprint, steering the global transition to sustainable solutions, and defining industry benchmarks in electromobility.