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GAMA Enerji & Fark Labs Join Forces: ⚡️POWER UP Energy Challenge Program Finalists Announced!

May 21, 2024 3 Min #ENERGY

The finalists of the POWER UP Energy Challenge Program, designed by GAMA Enerji and Fark Labs to support innovative solutions in the energy and sustainability sectors, have been announced. This program brings together startups that are poised to change the game in the energy world with their groundbreaking projects.

Selected startups are ready to take significant steps in the energy sector with their sustainability and digitalization-focused projects. These ventures, set to introduce fresh solutions to the industry, will make vital contributions to a greener and more sustainable future.

Here are the startups participating in the ⚡️POWER UP Program:

Carbon Gate: A next-generation dynamic platform for comprehensive carbon footprint measurement, management, and reduction strategies.

ÇAÇAN ENERGY: Producing portable energy stations with capacities ranging from 1 kW to 2.2 kW under the OGEE (On the Go Energy) brand, designed for RV users, campers, and individuals experiencing power outages before and after disasters.

Cyclizm: One of the world’s first AI-based software platforms optimizing green hydrogen production planning and feasibility analysis, increasing investment efficiency by up to 50% and reducing feasibility reporting time from months to days.

DATAKREW: An OEM-agnostic EV Battery Intelligence company from Singapore serving 14 customers in 8 countries with over 1000 active EVs. Their patent-pending AI models perform EV battery health prediction, safety, and performance optimization, enabling EV fleets to reduce total cost of ownership by 15% and extend usable EV lifespan by 20%.

Deepwise: A platform creating digital twins for energy and telecom firms’ sites, providing investment and fault predictions with its AI-powered algorithm, and enhancing efficiency, savings, and revenue by running scenarios in a 3D interface.

EcoNow: A technology company providing AI and IoT solutions for renewable energy and agriculture sectors, increasing efficiency and conserving resources by real-time tracking of anomalies in solar panels, wind turbines, and agricultural lands.

Heliosteam: Reducing carbon emissions by decreasing dependency on fossil fuels with renewable energy solutions, producing green steam for industrial heat applications with zero carbon footprint, aiming to mitigate global warming and climate change effects.

Inteligg: Delivering intelligent, innovative, and sustainable solutions for smarter cities and communities with tools such as c-BEMS.

Liwe Tech: An innovative technology combining IoT and disaster communication, providing seamless connectivity for IoT devices in daily life and transforming into a life-saving communication infrastructure during disasters, aiming to be the key to smart cities and societal resilience with mesh architecture and multi-protocol support.

Lumian: An IoT-based, hardware-independent platform collecting and visualizing real-time data, analyzing energy data with machine learning models, and offering energy-saving and decarbonization solutions.

Native Lumen: A state-of-the-art remote monitoring and automation software for power plants designed to enhance operational efficiency and improve maintenance processes, enabling more effective and reliable energy management with a user-friendly interface and powerful analytical tools.

NuManufacturing: Developing an AI/ML-based predictive maintenance platform Bestekar 4.X and its integrated sensor ensemble NumBox, detecting anomalies and predicting maintenance needs and fault locations in medium-high voltage lines and power plants, ensuring uninterrupted energy with pre-planned workflows and job orders.

RENS: A SaaS initiative providing waste and carbon management services to help industrial enterprises and recycling facilities comply with environmental regulations, solving problems and forming sustainability strategies in an economical, fast, and easy-to-use manner.

Renlob: Developing single and dual-axis solar tracking systems, embedded systems, and mobile applications for environmentally friendly, highly efficient, traceable, and accessible green technology, continuing high-value-added work towards the net-zero goal.

Salty Enerji: Producing environmentally friendly, safe, and cost-effective saltwater batteries, being Turkey’s only sodium-ion battery manufacturer. These batteries are safe as they do not contain flammable and explosive gases, environmentally friendly as they do not contain chemicals harmful to nature, long-lasting due to their high-performance components, and cost-effective using abundant sodium elements.

Sezgin Advanced Technology: Offering the ENERSEATORAGE solution, a domestic and national technology with lower investment costs, three times longer technical service life, and five times lower lifetime energy unit costs compared to current battery energy storage systems.

SOWEC: A technology initiative using wave energy to generate renewable electricity, designed to meet the energy needs of industrial coastal operations and help reduce their carbon footprint.

SuperCapacitor: Producing supercapacitors with the highest possible power density and the lowest possible footprint, working towards faster charging times, longer service life, and higher energy efficiency.

WaveScan: Developed a see-through 3D imaging scanner technology integrating into automated platforms for high-resolution structural inspections. This first-of-its-kind non-destructive testing (NDT) method provides data-driven, actionable insights without breaking open assets or sending engineers to unsafe heights or places.

WERER: Offering various products such as high-capacity energy storage units and portable energy storage systems, meeting energy needs and providing faster and more efficient charging for electric vehicles. These solutions also reduce grid infrastructure investments, making the grid segment more sustainable.

This program will enable the selected startups to elevate their businesses and offer innovative solutions in the energy sector. We are excited to collaborate for a more sustainable and innovative energy future.

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