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Jun 15, 2023 1 Min #Investment

MOBIQU, an innovative company developing cutting-edge delivery box technologies, has secured an investment round based on a $3.5 million valuation. The company, which enhances delivery services through its digitally sophisticated Smart Box model, attracted angel investors from various countries in this seed investment round.

Established in 2021, MOBIQU is a graduate of the Fark Labs Acceleration Program and has earned the privilege to participate in the TUBITAK 1512 program. Securing pre-seed funding from prominent investors such as Fark Labs and Mene Health Group, the company has impressively completed product development processes in two distinct areas within a span of 18 months.

Selçuk Koçhan, co-founder of MOBIQU, shared the company’s intent to utilize the newly acquired investment to expand its global footprint and bolster its team. “Powered by this investment, we are poised to strengthen our market presence swiftly and expand significantly, working on a strictly B2B basis,” said Koçhan. “We are committed to assisting other firms in their delivery processes with our completely B2B model, thereby stimulating growth in our sector and introducing fresh perspectives.”

MOBIQU excels in creating temperature-controlled packaging systems and next-generation smart boxes, underpinned by the IoT platform. The company’s main objective is to address the prevailing inefficiencies, uncertainties, and quality issues within the last-mile logistics. MOBIQU’s state-of-the-art solution enables end-to-end, real-time traceability, offering transparent and instant updates at each delivery stage.

To date, MOBIQU has pioneered the development of two distinct box systems. The MOBIQU Cold, the first of its kind, is capable of preserving vaccines, medications, biotechnological products, or any temperature-sensitive items without any energy input for up to 7 days, ensuring an unbroken cold chain. Their second offering, the MOBIQU Smart Box, is an IoT-based smart box system designed for food and beverage delivery that features active temperature control.

MOBIQU’s innovative solutions create a crucial bridge between end-users and businesses, enhancing optimization and cost efficiencies for firms operating in the demand-oriented delivery sector. This value proposition positions the company to attract more customers and stimulate healthy competition in the sector.

With the recent investment, MOBIQU aims to establish a larger market presence with an expanded team. Their plans for international growth and team enlargement are progressing robustly with this financial backing. It is envisaged that this investment will extend MOBIQU’s reach, delivering their innovative last-mile solutions to a broader audience and intensifying industry competition.