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How to build an ecosystem for scalable urban tech startups

Thursday, 24 June, 2021

8:00 PM – 9:00 PM


Missed our live event? No worries, you can watch the recorded version here.

This month’s Fark Talks guest speaker is Shaun Abrahamson, Managing Partner of Urban Us. At this online discussion hosted by Arzu Tekir, Shaun Abrahamson, will talk about how to build an ecosystem for scalable urban tech startups.

Connected consumers and a changing world are increasing the demand for smarter public safety, smart infrastructure, and citizen engagement. 🏙 Tech startups and VCs who are partnering to create this value through information and data Technologies are more likely to succeed as the projected global revenue for smart city technologies, products, and services is forecast to reach 129 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. 🚀

About Shaun Abrahamson

Born in Cape Town, Shaun is managing partner at Urban Us, the leading early-stage investor for startups upgrading cities for climate change. Before Urban Us, Shaun led product teams at govWorks, Starmedia, and MediaSentry and then invested in startups like ZocDoc, Public, Bluebottle Coffee (acquired by Nestle), Crowdtwist (acquired by Oracle), and Refinery29 (acquired by Vice Media). Shaun studied electro-mechanical engineering at UCT, Computer-Aided Design at MIT, and wrote his first book, Crowdstorm, after attending the Berlin School. Shaun is married to artist Andrea Nhuch and is dad to Max & Oli. If he’s not with his family, you will likely find him Onewheeling, swimming, reading, or voiding a warranty.

About Arzu Tekir

Arzu Tekir is the Founder and CEO of Urbanite Venture, a growth consulting firm helping urbantech companies transform cities. She is a business strategist working with the leaders of the cities and organizations to create a positive change. She helps entrepreneurs develop growth strategies and access funding. 
Arzu has been featured in various media outlets including The Guardian, National Geographic Energy Challenge Blog, Jazeera Magazine, Bloomberg HT TV, and NTV-MSNBC. She is the author of “Blockchain for Smart Cities, Simplified,” and “Your Time is Now – Şimdi Senin Zamanın.” As a sought-after speaker, she gives talks and moderates discussions on smart and sustainable cities. She also serves on the Fark Labs Advisory Board.

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