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Technology and engineering firm Saykal Electronics raises $2M in Series A funding led by F+ Ventures

IT Valley based Saykal Electronics has raised $2 million in a Series A funding round. F+ Ventures led the round with participation from Fark Holding and Ark Pres. The new investment capital will be used for global expansion and to continue to develop and improve the company’s core technologies. 

From Left to Right: Yusuf Ziya Kasım (Ark Pres President of the Board), Gamze Çetinkaya (Ark Pres Vice President of the Board),
İsmail Bican (Saykal Electronics Vice President of the Board), Burak Kasım (Ark Pres CEO), Yücel Saykal (Saykal Electronics CEO),
Emin Ataç (Farplas CEO) Ahu Serter (Fark Holding President & F+ Ventures Founder)

Saykal Electronics is a technology and engineering firm that develops and manufactures advanced technology sensors, detection, imaging systems, electronic products, and embedded software on a global scale for strategic and scalable industries, primarily in the automotive sector. Saykal Elektronik was founded in 2010 by the Teknogirişim fund of the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology.

Saykal Electronics CEO Yücel Saykal said: “As a Turkish startup that has focused on software technology and engineering studies for the past 12 years, we aim to increase our business volume and expand our customer portfolio by strengthening our production infrastructure with the support of our expert investors and becoming a worldwide technology firm.”

According to Ahu Serter, Fark Holding Chairwoman and F+ Ventures Founder, electronic technologies such as Sensor Technologies, Control-Communication Technologies, and Motor Drive Technologies are the most fundamental elements of the mobility ecosystem and these new technologies are critical in our country’s automotive industry localization goals and boosting the share of technology exports. She also mentioned that as part of their future strategy, F+ Ventures plans to invest in Turkish tech firms and introduce them to the global market.

Burak Kasım, CEO of Ark Pres, stated: “We have substantial expertise and knowledge of electronic passenger safety systems for vehicles since 2007, and we stay up to date on worldwide trends. Through our strategic collaboration with Saykal Electronics, we will soon offer in-vehicle safety solutions that will provide passengers with an entirely different experience.”

Farplas Automotive CEO Emin Ataç said that their greatest motivation is to be able to provide customers with multiple solutions. Ataç adds that they plan to provide a broader choice of solutions to their customers by combining Saykal Elektronik’s design and development knowledge with Farplas Automotive’s professional manufacturing expertise.

Sensors, control systems, security solutions, autonomous driving software, big data, IoT, precise location, and communication solutions are the future of the automotive industry. “Saykal Electronics will empower Farplas Automotive to become a local supplier of high-tech, smart, connected systems, extending the company’s capabilities beyond just being a polymer-based parts supplier,” stated Ömer Burhanoğlu, CEO of Fark Holding. As a result, it will fulfill its vision of being an automotive supplier capable of designing, developing, and manufacturing diverse solutions that will make our world safer. Farplas Automotive will enable the integration of modern electronic systems with polymer technologies.”

From Left to Right: İsmail Bican (Saykal Electronics Vice President of the Board), Emin Ataç (Farplas CEO),
Yusuf Ziya Kasım (Ark Pres President of the Board), Gamze Çetinkaya (Ark Pres Vice President of the Board), Ahu Serter (Fark Holding President & F+ Ventures Founder), Haluk Akçalı (Fark Labs CEO), Burak Kasım (Ark Pres CEO),
Yücel Saykal (Saykal Electronics CEO), Anıl Sırma (Saykal Electronics CTO)